dominican republic chicas, social media dopamine, and the holiday season

so it’s that time of year again when people go fucking nuts. the so-called holidays. hmmm i’ll pass. way too many emotions, hoovering, and counterfeit relationships/friendships tend to fucking implode during the holidays. this is also the time of year narcissistic exes and no-contact exfriends will typically resurface. tons of books and material out there on trying to understand what makes people function this way. I just don’t understand a lot of peoples logic.  it’s been 5+ years since i’ve written anything on facebook and most forms of social media…  i have my own little network to manage and don’t have time or resources to create content for other sites pro bono. so, until facebook starts sending me checks like every other website I push… then I simply won’t use them. buy my movies i want your money.

speaking of xvideos, one of my channels is currently sitting at 62 million views as of the time of this writing. people watch a lot of my fucking porno movies apparently. yet nobody knows me, or even cares. all the better. so thank you all for your time, support, hate, anger, happiness, screen-time, etc. it’s all internet traffic for me at the end of the day. ever heard of the streisand effect? more kickass movies on the way because I don’t expend my time working for dopamine hits (likes) on social media…. I spend time online for creating money not likes. i care more about putting out a great product for people than I do about people liking me. I explained my logic on this a few years ago on yet another one of my obscure youtube channels without ass & titties. it’s really that simple of a shift in thinking!

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Inner Integration – #theshimmyshow approved. this is some good shit.

80% of the time you see headphones in my ears i’m playing audiobooks, podcasts, etc especially while working out. i bump my music too but usually opt to absorb some new material and feed my brain. I have concluded that mostly all the peeps in my life have “Cluster B Personality Disorders” which explain pretty much their whole backstory and future. Most are not self aware and turn a blind eye to this, thinking I am the crazy one…. nah, not even close. A flaw of mine is that I’m an empath, a motherfucker that actually cares about others perhaps a little too much to the point where it’s unhealthy. But at least I’m aware of this now. Unfortunately the world full of narcissists and psychopaths tends to tramples over empathetic people so you have to educate yourself and get hip to peoples ways. fair enough.

I seek out answers when things don’t compile correctly and break shit down line by line until I find the fuckup and do some debugging. It’s just what nerdy webmasters do.  If you know me personally you already know this. Anyhow since I’ve watched over 100hrs of Meredith Miller‘s psychology vids the least I could do is give her a little bit of shine and pump some traffic to her channel. Her information is helpful and useful enough that I play it daily while running the 10k loop. The channel is called “inner integration” on youtube:

more of my movies are on the way next week, until then educate yourself. 🙂

– shimmy

Morenas vs. Negras… Boca Chica, Dominican Republic updates pt 2

heyhey still busy crunching some of my Dominican Republic chica updates for this week. I call my next episode “Morenas vs. Negras” (brown girls versus black girls) and its pretty damn good in my opinion. Colorism is a very big thing in DR and pretty much everywhere but nobody wants to talk about it. Lets get the chicas naked first then see what happens when the rubber meets the road…


Speaking of Dominican Republic stories, an even better question is why is blackass rayban nigger and his 7ft tall dinosaur girlfriend from california stalking me internationally to the dominican republic to dig up dirt on Raina, a 19 year native american native american navajo porn star? follow the money. likely that “free” indian grant money nigga. I used to work for them too and write them shits at Grand Portage for the Chippewa band as their gov grant lead accountant. I managed over 100 federal grants for a population of about 500 people on the rez so go figure.  public officials, district attorneys, and lawyers should be bright enough not tweet and leave reckless breadcrumbs, threatening emails, and smoking guns on the internet to implicate them in clandestine fuckery. Amber Alert PDFs from the OJJDP ICAC in Indian Country just to name a few. Metadata is truly amazing myfren.

“mr trizzle”

Regardless, one thing is for sure buy my movies i want your money.  I keep shit moving no matter what. The beatings will continue, and likely accelerate. Think I’m gonna be the scapegoat for the whole damn machine?? Sheeeeit. Thanks all for your time and hope you enjoy the show, #theshimmyshow

ok ok so here’s my final joke of the day… what happens when a nerdy black ethiopian porn star tries to rap with royalty free internet beats while uploading videos in the background?

When people show you who they are, believe them pt1

Shimmy shimelesse mekbeb theshimmyshow Time for a mental exercise called truth. So think of the last handful of people that raised their voice to you. It could be yelling, screaming, or even CAPLOCKS my personal fave. It doesn’t matter what happened, or really even why they got loud with you but whatever was said in super amplified distressed volume is 100% that person’s internal beefs with themselves that you have transgressed upon. You’ve damaged their false self and now you’re the bad guy/girl.

It takes a lot of energy to scream / yell, even at other animals so you can be sure that yelling person is getting out something they are withholding. The real question is why are they bottling their emotions to the point of exploding? I don’t do such tomfoolery as I believe in so little, and I know how and why most monkeys/humans behave the way they do.

Lots of monkeys have a ‘false self ‘ they need to appease because they are divorced from their true self. Some motherfuckers act like different people everytime they change clothes, and I just can’t do that because it’s labor intensive and fake as fuck. It’s like running on the beach with a smoking hot new yoga girl wholefoods type of chick and finding out she works in a slaughterhouse. When details, words, and behaviors don’t match up, and you Continue reading “When people show you who they are, believe them pt1”

Brunette fucked in a store

So around 2009 I was working odd jobs in California in addition to webmastering. back in america, divorced, broke, recovering from lots of things just trying to make a come up from call center jobs, craigslist gigs, sperm banks, you name it. my blogs and podcasts from 10+ yrs ago #theshimmyshow are awesome.

Probably the most lucrative honest cash hustle business in California at the time was Internet porn. not having any shyness or shame of being naked and fucking in front of other monkeys made this job easy for me.

Surprisingly many dudes cannot do porn or fuck chicks with an audience watching, as they care about others passing judgements. I seriously give 2 shits. So I starting shooting with Kink and SFAsians in California. India Summers was my first pornstar chick, followed by many nameless amateur chicks in California, mostly Asian.

It didn’t take long to figure out I was just another black guy showing up to fuck chicks on film for a weekly check payable to cash. Time to save up and buy a Canon camera so I can do the same shit and keep all the money all right??

Shimelesse Mekbeb shimmy

white girl stories pt 2 – banned episode

so i do these little podcasts on my phone for fun and upload them whenever. i care about them about as much as paper airplanes. last week i uploaded a show and it was deleted before i could even play it back. dat instant censorship… and when i upload them to youtube with a black screen like theres no video just my nerdy voice, and thats enough for “youtube community guidelines strikes etc”  anyhow here’s the banned show below, on my own server of course:  “white girl stories pt 2“:


buy my movies. i want your money.

slap me in the face if you don’t like me.

So I finally fixed the mysql database for this stupid blog. So I can post again. Slap me in the face if you don’t like me. enjoy the show. #theshimmyshow

Theshimmyshow shimmy shimelesse mekbeb

if you’re into obscure funny podcasts i do just for fun, here is some more.  only a matter of time before youtube shuts channel down but i’ve got local copies on my own server farm. never trust a facebook/google/youtube to keep your precious data silly. anyhow yeah its all good, enjoy myfren.

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Meet Dru, my multitalented WHITE rapper!

hey hey folks. 3am and I’m steady crunching & uploading movies still. selling internet porn is like having a donut shop, you need fresh batches everyday. so while you nigs are sleeping I’m steady updating some of my channels, doing customer service, seo, ftp, and unix nerd shit on the bigmama server. it’s called work ethic, something that many entitled americans lack. especially black americans and native americans. yeah i said it. and i’m speaking from experience.

I may be a lot of things, but I’m no racist fool myfren when it comes to hiring the right people to get the job done. please. So in case you all are wondering WTF I’m talking about, play the Toticos rap video below (only 1:05) and keep reading…

I wrote that track and many more you probably never heard. If it sounds nerdy I probably wrote that shit. I write all my rap lyrics and have other more talented people with better equipment (ie: white people) produce the tracks professionally. So why not hire black people, or local dominicans for this project? Don’t get me started.

You’ve heard my Toticos raps, now hear Dru’s latest rap project in Singapore:

buy my movies. i want your money.

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic pt 1

Ahhh… la republica dominicana! this is one of my top 10 favorite countries in the world. tropical weather, clear beaches (in some parts) beautiful waterfalls, and sweet chicas who love you long time myfren. Posted up on the outskirts of Boca Chica, “the other sosua” that most gringos & new york niggers don’t know about. You wouldn’t believe this myfren but there are actually tourists and expats who never venture outside of the comfort zone of other english speaking peoples. ohkay… but you’re missing out buddy.


Away from the coonery and policia/chica shakedown jail scams, dickgrabbing streetwalker pickpockets, motoconcho tigre home invasions, and “crackdowns” that Sosua Dominican Republic is world famous for is Boca Chica, about 6 hours away closer to the capital of Santo Domingo. The name “boca chica” literally translates into “the girls mouth” and that is the official name of the beachtown I shit you not myfren. There are more white people here (tourist from France & Italy mostly) on holiday so there is less niggershit tolerated on every level. Which works out fine for me. The only people who pretend to be shocked when grown 18+ adult women stuff penises where they naturally fit are those with political/financial agendas and federal grant money whores like the orange juice  entrapment department , blackass raybannigger and other “investigative reporters with hidden agendas” like this little one below from ABC News about Boca Chica:

Look above theres some dominican girls walking on the beach in Boca Chica, and im pretty sure its not for exercise in them outfits! omfg someone please call the orange juice department who keeps following me around the fucking globe (including Dominican republic) and get some grant money (borrow some from the indians they’ve got plenty) to save these poor helpless souls and lead them to jesus. Maybe they can send the fat asian “thinking about getting into escorting” from LAX who told me her ex boyfriend is ethiopian. (of all the random lies an agent can create, why volunteer such a far fetched story gordita?) I’m not letting this go if you can’t tell. think i’m gonna be the scapegoat for the whole damn machine?? sheeeit. the beatings will continue myfren. and I don’t give a god dam if it takes me 100,000+ more episodes.

So while I have this nice little relaxation station hideoout here in gringolandia Boca Chica I’m going to edit & upload some more movies and also update some of my channels and stores. Hopefully will be able to get some more toticos episodes completed here too. Theres plenty of chicas in boca chica but they are asking for a grip… plenty of Venezolanas here too hmmmm… anyway.

as i update my channels on xvideos xhamster youporn etc here’s some free trailers from down south before the hurricane fucked shit up. the price of orange juice is expected to rise significantly due to the storm myfren. peace n hairgrease. here’s some free porn trailers featuring some all american girls from Tampa in the meantime:


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